They, among other things, increase sew quality and decrease thread breakage

Brother PE770 vs PE800 I was a first-time embroiderer when I received this machine. I only purchased the machine since I was on a limited budget at the time. In retrospect, I would also buy the following items: 1) A second set of hoops I purchased one from Amazon for roughly $100. It simplifies both small and large tasks and includes an additional 5×7 hoop to save time when switching projects. 2) Pre-wound bobbins These are, in my opinion, a must-have for this machine. They, among other things, increase sew quality and decrease thread breakage. 3) Various types of stabilisers. I use peel away for the majority of my projects, but cutaway and a decent water soluable are also essential. 4) Extra-sharp embroidery scissors; and 5) embroidered thread of excellent quality and a thread rack. You get what you paid for here… My favourite is Madiera, although I’ve tried a number of others. I wish you good success and happy stitching! The maximum embroidery size for the PE770 is 5×7″, while the maximum embroidered area for the PE800 is 4×4″. The PE800’s colour display is bigger, while the PE770’s monochrome lit display is smaller. The PE800 features a more realistic design preview before embroidery, but the PE770 does not.
Yes, there are buttons on the progress panel that let you to skip ahead (or backward) in 1, 10, and 100 stitch increments. You won’t have to guess since the machine’s needle and hoop will retrace or fast forward in real time. If the hoop slips or the thread breaks, you may simply pick up where you left off.
Look at Embrilliance if you need embroidery software for your Mac. There is a free version and extra fee-based variations available depending on your needs. The Essentials edition is a solid starting point. around $125 Yes, digitizer software is required. I use SewArt, and it works perfectly with my PE 800 machine. The software has a free 30-day trial edition that is less expensive than other apps on the market, and you can convert multiple file photographs and format them to PSE, which is ideal for my brother’s computer. Furthermore, the programme has a tutorial that makes it simple to use with the touch of a button. If you need assistance using the programme, there are various tutorials on YouTube that will lead you through the steps. Is a really simple app that has received a lot of great reviews. I have no problems, and I just had a family portrait digitised. The programme is available from Brother, however it is quite expensive.
This device comes with no warranty because it is only intended for sale in the United States at 120 volts. Any other use or sale would render the warranty null and invalid. Touchscreen colour display with a huge display area: Prior to embroidering, you may preview your designs on the large 3.2′′ LCD colour touchscreen. There are 11 pre-installed fonts: For monogramming and lettering, seven English font options, three Japanese font styles, and one Cyrillic font style are available. With 138 built-in embroidery designs, including scrollwork, flowers, and quilt patterns, the PE800 offers a variety of options for letting your imagination run wild. This embroidery-only machine comes with an embroidery foot and a 5′′ x 7′′ embroidery hoop, which makes it excellent for sewing bigger patterns. This machine includes 136 built-in embroidery designs, including difficult scrollwork and complicated flowers. There are also 10 frame options and 12 border kinds to pick from. You may preview your ideas before embroidering using the huge 1.4′′ x 2.7′′ LCD colour touchscreen. USB Connector: You may upload and store your own embroidery patterns to the PE770’s internal memory using the USB port.

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